5 reasons the Red Sox deserve to be the front-runners for Shohei Ohtani

The two-way star is poised to make a decision as soon as free agency opens and has seemingly narrowed his top choices to the Dodgers, Rangers, and Red Sox.
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No. 5: Craig Breslow has said that pitching is his Red Sox priority

In one of his first interviews, Breslow said to Chris Smith of MassLive.com, that pitching is a priority for the Red Sox this offseason.

Breslow has not exactly outlined what the plan will be moving forward with pitching, but he understands where the team struggled the last few years and knows how to get a strong pitching core, especially through his last position as pitching coordinator for the Cubs.

Most importantly with Breslow, he knows this is a priority because he understands the fanbase from playing for Boston, and understands how much they value the man on the hill. Yes, the man at the plate is important too, but he knows that in the case of this off-season, pitching needs to be number one.

As a former pitcher Head of Baseball Operations, Chief Baseball Officer, or whatever you want to call him is now in charge of their moves, Ohtani should look at that and think that that is something that proves the Red Sox are a good fit.

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