5 reasons the Red Sox deserve to be the front-runners for Shohei Ohtani

The two-way star is poised to make a decision as soon as free agency opens and has seemingly narrowed his top choices to the Dodgers, Rangers, and Red Sox.
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No. 4: The Red Sox have the money to spend

At the end of the day free agency comes down to one thing, and it's not necessarily always your role with the organization. What is it? Money!!!

Given that the Red Sox were out of the top 10 in all of baseball, according to Spotrac, when they are normally in the top three. Boston is on track to have a monster off-season, especially now that they have an ownership group that is more willing to open their checkbooks.

It is estimated that the Red Sox have over $250 MM that they can allocate this season to free agency or absorption of salaries, and if $100 MM of that went to Ohtani that nearly cuts it in half, but keep in mind this is also before all of the revenue of Ohtani jerseys, Ohtani t-shirts, Ohtani this and Ohtani that come into play.

Why this wasn't a thought before the 2023 season is beyond me, but it appears from all reports that John Henry is ready to open the checkbook and let his new Chief Baseball Officer, Craig Breslow, do his job.