5 reasons the Red Sox deserve to be the front-runners for Shohei Ohtani

The two-way star is poised to make a decision as soon as free agency opens and has seemingly narrowed his top choices to the Dodgers, Rangers, and Red Sox.
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No. 3: Ohtani's love for pitching at Fenway Park

Multiple reports have surfaced recently saying that while Ohtani likes being close to the New Balance headquarters, where he has a close relationship with the president of the company, Passan reported as well that he has a "fondness for pitching at Fenway Park".

While, there is something to be said that a pitcher should be able to pitch in any park that he calls home, loving pitching at Fenway is not something you hear out of just every pitcher's mouth. It's a very hit-or-miss (no pun intended) park, and unless your name is Pedro Martinez, or any other pitcher who has had wild success with the Red Sox, chances are they will say they hate pitching there.

It's truly more of a hitter's park with the short porch in right field, the Green Monster in left, and the Bermuda Triangle that is... Well... the triangle where the center field wall, the warning track, and the Red Sox bullpen meet.

As a hitter, Ohtani would most likely feast as well. Sure, it would take a lot more to hit home runs at Fenway Park for him as he usually goes to right center, but if he worked on hitting the ball the other way some as well, he could rack up a few doubles hitting it off the Monster.