5 prospects the Boston Red Sox need to avoid trading this offseason

The Boston Red Sox have some new front office names. With that, expect to see some prospects on the move as the team looks to improve it's MLB roster. Which names should they avoid moving, though?
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Wikelman Gonzalez - SP

Wikelman Gonzalez is an intriguing prospect. If it wasn't for Yordanny Monegro, I'd say Gonzalez has the best curveball from a prospect I've seen in years. He started the year slow but ended up making his way to Double-A and dominating there (even being part of a no-hitter).

Gonzalez features a filthy pitch mix that helps him rack up strikeouts. He looked untouchable for a large portion of the season. The only real setback with him at the moment is the uncertainty with his control.

Gonzalez posted a 3.96 ERA, .190 BAA, and 1.31 WHIP between High-A and Double-A. The right-handed pitcher struck out 168 batters compared to 70 walks in 111 1/3 innings. His numbers are even better if you don't count that miserable first month he had.

Gonzalez was elite in Double-A (2.42 ERA, .162 BAA, and 1.14 WHIP).

Perales has the highest ceiling. Monegro is the most electric. But Gonzalez is a beautiful mix of both. And why does he get the nod over Monegro on this list? Gonzalez has already proven himself in Double-A.

That experience goes a long way. Does it make him a better trade chip? Absolutely. But it also makes him more valuable to the future of the Red Sox.

See, the reason he's more valuable as a trade chip is because he's proven that he can dominate in Double-A. It's hard to take a pitcher's numbers seriously in the lower levels. Gonzalez has shown he can make advanced hitters look foolish.

And what's something that people have argued is a weakness in the Boston farm system? Pitching that's close to the Major Leagues. We've already seen Gonzalez terrorize Double-A for 48 1/3 innings. Not only will we see him in Triple-A, but it's not unrealistic that he could find his way to the Majors in 2024.

Brayan Bello is a fantastic long-term piece for a pitching rotation. The Red Sox could be adding Wikelman Gonzalez to the mix soon.