5 prospects the Boston Red Sox need to avoid trading this offseason

The Boston Red Sox have some new front office names. With that, expect to see some prospects on the move as the team looks to improve it's MLB roster. Which names should they avoid moving, though?
Craig Breslow Press Conference
Craig Breslow Press Conference / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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The Boston Red Sox have a new name on top, with Craig Breslow officially a part of the organization. It's safe to assume that the new man in charge is going to want to make some moves.

The Red Sox minor league system is overflowing with talent. However, there are glaring holes on the Major League roster. That would lead you to believe that Breslow and co. might want to ship off some of that MiLB talent for legitimate MLB names.

Which prospects should be safe from any Boston Red Sox trades this offseason?

Full disclaimer: no prospect should be completely off limits. There is a price for everyone, prospects are too risky to bet everything on, and the front office would be doing a disservice to the team to not at least listen. That being said, there are some names that the Red Sox should avoid trading this offseason. Sure, if the Atlanta Braves call you and say, "We want this guy for Ronald Acuña Jr." you do that. We're looking at realistic trades here, though.

Boston won't be able to keep everyone. I'd love for them to hold on to Roman Anthony with their life. But I understand his stock is at a ridiculous level right now. And with that stock, you could trade him for a legitimate star without throwing anything else in the deal. So, it technically makes sense to trade him while his stock is through the roof.

We'll be looking at prospects that the Red Sox shouldn't trade for reasons such as lower-than-usual stock and positional needs. I was told, "Don't trade everyone and let's make an all-prospect team as I do in the Show every year." wasn't a good enough answer for this article, so let's give it a crack this way.