5 prospects Boston Red Sox fans should prepare to lose in the Rule 5 Draft

A strong farm system is a great thing 99 out of 100 times. The one time it hurts is during the Rule 5 Draft. With such a good prospect pool, the Boston Red Sox can't protect everyone. So who should fans expect to see leave the organization soon?
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Boston Red Sox catching prospect Stephen Scott

Oh, look, everyone, it's a wild card entry! Back in the first slide (remember back then a few minutes ago?) I said that this would be pitcher-heavy. However, that didn't mean it would be strictly pitchers.

Funny enough, the only non-pitcher on this list is one of the players fans should be most fearful of losing. When he entered the organization in 2019, Stephen Scott was a fun power potential bat who could play a few positions.

Then, in 2021, Scott started appearing in games as a catcher. In 2022, Scott was strictly a catcher (not counting games where he was the designated hitter).

Scott appeared in 12 games at first base in 2023, but the majority of his time in the field (62 games) was spent as a catcher.

Scott showed a strange pattern his first few seasons in the minor leagues. He would struggle to start the year and perform better after being promoted. In 2023, he played slightly better in Double-A than Triple-A, but even that was extremely close.

The left-handed hitter slashed .235/.350/.462 with 16 doubles, two triples, and 19 home runs (career-high) between Double-A and Triple-A. He drove in 66 runs, scored 59 more, and stole six bases in 100 games (340 at-bats).

Scott isn't known for his defense behind the plate. That being said, he's still relatively new to the position. Even in college, it wasn't a full-time position for him. Scott is improving as a catcher, and if he can become passable behind the plate, the bat is more than worth it.

Scott has the power and eye to be a strong offensive catcher. He has decent athleticism for the position and has sneaky speed on the basepaths. His defensive versatility allows a team to place him at first base or potentially in a corner outfield spot if needed.

It would hurt the Red Sox to lose such an intriguing catching depth option in Triple-A. But catcher is a weak position around the league, and quite a few teams might be interested in Scott's offensive talents.