5 potential replacements for Alex Cora after the 2024 season

Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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David Ross

David Ross' tenure with the Cubs didn't end on a great note despite the team coming into form when Craig Counsell hit the market. Chicago then made a business decision to bring in Counsell and send Ross packing.

Ross has three-plus seasons of managerial experience with Chicago and he served as a special advisor in the Cubs front office between his retirement from playing and his hiring as manager. The Yankees approached Ross this offseason to inquire about a bench coach position they needed filled, but Ross stated that he wanted his return as manager.

As a former Sox player himself, Ross may be interested in a reunion with the Red Sox. He and Breslow have already worked together as they were both with the Cubs until this offseason. If Ross is still unemployed by the time of Cora's potential departure, Boston should jump on him as the replacement.