5 potential replacements for Alex Cora after the 2024 season

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Jason Varitek

Jason Varitek has been with the Red Sox organization for decades and he's held multiple positions of authority, to go along with his unforgettable playing career.

Varitek has been given high-profile jobs with Boston since he retired from playing, including advisory roles to the general manager and president of baseball operations from 2012 to 2018. Since then, he has held multiple coaching positions with the Sox, from catching coach to game play coordinator to player information coach.

The former catcher has been a fan-favorite in the Red Sox organization since his playing days. His years of coaching and advisory experience to go along with a catcher's mindset make him a great candidate for Cora's replacement. The front office has trust in him and he's signed as part of the Red Sox coaching staff until 2025 — giving him a shot at managing could be a great next step in Tek's journey.