5 potential replacements for Alex Cora after the 2024 season

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Oli Marmol

Oli Marmol is one of the few current managers with a contract expiring at the same time as Cora. Marmol coached in the minor leagues from 2011 to 2016 when he was promoted to the big leagues to be the Cardinals' first base coach for the following season.

Marmol's playing career was short, but members of the St. Louis organization knew he had the stuff to be a coach or manager early on. When Marmol told his manager at the Palm Beach Cardinals that he wanted to coach, the Cards made him an offer later that week.

Marmol has been praised for his knowledge of the game of baseball, his inquisitive nature, and ability to take accountability. Marmol is the youngest manager in the league, making him more relatable to players than some of the older candidates. He also speaks fluent Spanish and can communicate with players on a different level than some other managers.

Though his 2023 Cardinals team wasn't as successful as it should've been, St. Louis won 93 games under him in 2022. We'll see how 2024 unfolds, but the speed at which Marmol has been able to become a major league manager is a testament to his knowledge and how he's entrusted by others.