5 players who could be traded if the Red Sox fall out of postseason contention

With the Red Sox in last place, selling is a real possibility. These players can be among those shipped out if that happens.
Texas Rangers v Boston Red Sox
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3) Red Sox pitcher Chris Martin could be traded if the team falls out of postseason contention

After last season's disastrous bullpen showing, the Red Sox made a serious effort to upgrade the bullpen this offseason. Kenley Jansen was the headliner, and that move has worked out with him being an all-star.

While Jansen is the headliner, Chris Martin has arguably been the best reliever in Boston's bullpen all season. Martin missed three weeks with injury, but when he's been healthy, he's been lights out.

Martin has an ERA of 1.69 in 29 appearances and 27.2 innings pitched. He's walked just three batters (one intentionally) in those innings, while giving up just one home run. With Martin also giving up fewer hits than innings pitched, it's easy to see how he's been so successful this season.

The Red Sox gave Martin a two-year deal this past offseason so trading him isn't as necessary as moving guys like Duvall and Paxton, but with Martin being as dominant as he has been and with relievers being as volatile as they are, getting as much value as you can for a 37-year-old having a career year makes all the sense in the world.

It feels like every contender could use some bullpen help. There likely won't be a better option for them to go after, especially with another year of control, than Martin.