5 dream Red Sox trade deadline additions to fantasize about bringing to Boston

Chicago Cubs v Minnesota Twins
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3) Dream Red Sox trade deadline addition: Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman is probably one of the better trade chips available this year. The Cubs starter is in what could be the final year of his stint with Chicago thanks to an opt out after the season is over. This actually benefits the Red Sox a little more if they were the ones willing to pay the price to acquire him. The Cubs are only going to get back the kind of return a rental would.

The worst-kept secret in baseball is how bad the Red Sox starting staff has been. Corey Kluber was already nixed from the rotation. Chris Sale has shown flashes of his old self but the trust with him is still limited. If the Red Sox want any shot at saving their season, they’re going to need to pull off a deal for a big starting pitcher.

Stroman’s recent one-hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays in a 1-0 game was a perfect example of what the Red Sox could be getting if they were to snatch him via trade. Familiar with him from his days with the Toronto Blue Jays, one unanswered question with him is how well he’ll perform in the postseason. He hasn’t been there since 2016.

Many teams will be bidding for Stroman’s services this summer. The Red Sox, possibly competing with some of their AL East rivals, would feel a lot different if they came out on top in the sweepstakes.