5 draft prospects the Boston Red Sox should look to take at pick 14

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Red Sox 2023 draft possibility - Enrique Bradfield Jr. - OF - Vanderbilt

Finally, we come back to another college prospect, that being outfielder Enrique Bradfield Jr. out of Vanderbilt. Bradfield is generally considered a top 10 prospect, however if he were to fall to 14, the Red Sox absolutely would need to take a look at selecting him.

He is still on the younger side at 21 years old and has a quality frame at 6'1" and 170 pounds. The two points of strength in his game that are immediately noticeable are his fielding and speed, which are graded as an 80 and a 70 respectively at MLB.com.

Bradfield was an absolute force to be reckoned with on the basepaths throughout his college career, as his exceptional speed was put on display for three seasons. In his three years at Vanderbilt, he had 125 stolen bases combined and was only picked off 13 times comparatively (about 9.4% of the time). He also had 187 runs in his career, 11 triples, and 28 doubles.

His ability to hit for average has always been great, hitting .336/.451/.865 his freshman season, .317/.415/.913 his sophomore season, and .290/.430/.875 his junior season. On top of speed and hitting, he is also great in the field due to his top end speed. He is able to find the ball quickly into its arc and does a great job at getting under it and making the play. Despite not having an exceptional arm, he is typically able to get under the ball before that becomes an issue.

Bringing in a long-term outfielder prospect for Boston would be beneficial, despite the current logjam at that position on the major league roster.

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