5 draft prospects the Boston Red Sox should look to take at pick 14

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Red Sox 2023 draft possibility - Hurston Waldrep - RHP - Florida

The first prospect we will be taking a look at is the right-handed starting pitcher out of Florida, Hurston Waldrep. Waldrep is currently in his third season with Florida, and at 21 years old, he has had a chance to experience college baseball in the SEC with some of the best.

The most notable strength for Waldrep is his pitch velocity. His fastball ranges from 95 to 99 miles per hour already, his slider runs up into the high-80s most of the time, and a 12-6 curveball that sits in the low 80s. He also has flashed a splitter, which he is still trying to develop, but at its best is absolutely devastating for opposing batters as it falls very quickly.

The only major concern seen with Hurston is his fastball control, which can get away from him at times and back him up in the count. While this is not a common occurance, it is enough to be noted and be a potential place for improvement with pitching staff.

According to MLB.com, he has a significantly above-average fastball regardless, with a 65 on their scouting grade scale (which tops off at 80 for those who do not know). He also was given a 55 grade for the slider, and a 60 grade for the splitter due to its mobility.

In terms of production, Waldrep can sometimes struggle with ERA/keeping runs away, but he is also an absolutely phenomenal strikeout pitcher. This season through 13 starts and 66.2 innings pitched, he has a 5.00 ERA, but he also has 104 strikeouts (14 per nine innings pitched) and has only allowed 40 walks (5.4 per nine innings pitched). Overall, a prospect who should fall to the Sox range at pick 14, but also a player with a strong baseline already, who could become even better.