5 draft prospects the Boston Red Sox should look to take at pick 14

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The MLB Draft grows ever closer, as it does every year. We are now less than two months to the first day of the draft, with the event taking place from July 9th to July 11th in Seattle, Washington. With that, we also start to get some of the hype surrounding the event this early into the year, as it is always interesting to delve into prospects and which team could take who.

The Boston Red Sox already have a pretty high-quality farm system, ranking near the top 15 for most major outlets, including 11th at Prospects1500 and 10th at Baseball America. With names like Marcelo Mayer, Ceddanne Rafaela, Miguel Bleis, Mikey Romero, Nick Yorke, and more, the Sox have accrued quite the list of prospects who could develop in the coming years.

However, ensuring that the system is sufficiently supplied for the coming years is also key, as baseball relies on a good mix of prospects and signings/trades to make the roster work out.

What we will take a look at in this article is five players who, within reason, could be at pick number 14 of the first round, where the Sox pick. On top of that, the prospects shown throughout this piece will be picked based on the following:

  • Potential positions of need either on the major league roster, or due to lack of such players in the farm system
  • Players who could have the best value for pick number 14
  • Players who fit into the type of offensive or defensive scheme the Sox are looking to build long term

So, without further ado, let us get straight into the first prospect.