5 bold predictions for the Boston Red Sox in 2024

Pittsburgh Pirates v Boston Red Sox
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4. 2024 will be Alex Cora's last year in Boston

Let me make it clear that I fully support Alex Cora, and have actually defended him for the majority of his tenure in Boston. I personally do not think Cora is the problem, or even part of it, for what it's worth. However, I don't foresee the Alex Cora Era of the Boston Red Sox surpassing 2024.

Fans are restless, the team lacks identity and a heartbeat, and ownership has shown just in the last two months that transactions, spending, and big-splash signings aren't on the horizon. So, what's left? A change at the helm. Whether you like Cora or you don't, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if a press conference welcoming a new skipper happened over the next 365 days.

Alex Cora
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3. Roman Anthony is here

Yep, I said it, Roman Anthony debuts in 2024 at the big-league level. In terms of prospect debuts, the trio of Marcelo Mayer, Kyle Teel, and Roman Anthony sit right at the top of discussions on who will enter 'the Bigs' first. For me, it's Anthony.

Anthony rose all the way to Double-A Portland in his first pro season, and in 10 games slashed .343/.477/.543 with an OPS of 1.020. In 35 at-bats, he hit four doubles and drove in eight runs while putting one over the fence. A small sample size, sure, and he has only 126 games of professional baseball on his resume, but if any of the Red Sox prospects get the call in 2024, I expect it to be Anthony.