4 risk/reward options for the Red Sox in homage to Chaim Bloom

Chaim Bloom is gone, and Craig Breslow is now steering the good ship Boston Red Sox. Is management pivoting on pitching and opening the coffers to start signing?

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Dallas Keuchel

There is a former 20-game winner and Cy Young Award winner just waiting for that phone call. How did Bloom ever miss out on Dallas Keuchel?

The lefty is or was a ground ball machine in his pitching salad days that vanished somewhere during the early days of the Trump administration. Keuchel has been hanging around getting his shots, and in 2023, it was with the Twins after a brief sojourn to the minors.

The Twins were actually in the hunt, and Keuchel turned out to be the hunted, but the ground ball magic (53.5%) was still there. Even the Hard Hit (34.6%) was still relatively low, but that H/9 has been in double digits for a few years.

Keuchel does protect his territory with four Gold Glove Awards, but the downside is that and always has been his heater that tracks in the high 80s. Stealth with diminishing control (4.3 BB/9) does not bode well.

Keuchel will hook up somewhere and be on the low-rent type contract for a risk taker. Boston could be an option on a minor league prove-yourself deals if they have a few bucks left in the budget.