4 Red Sox who are fighting for their futures heading into 2024

2024 Dominican Republic Series - Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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Nick Pivetta

Nick Pivetta is coming off a great season out of the Red Sox bullpen. He's entering the final year of his contract with Boston under a different set of responsibilities — in the wake of Lucas Giolito's season-ending surgery and the lack of pitchers signed this offseason, Pivetta is likely going to be the Red Sox's No. 2 starter.

Pivetta's entrances from the bullpen were far more successful than his starts last season. In his first eight starts before being transitioned out of the rotation, Pivetta logged a 6.30 ERA over 40 innings. After he was moved, he was lights out, and he posted a 1.98 ERA in 41 innings over 17 relief appearances. He even secured a Red Sox record for the most strikeouts posted in a single relief outing after he fanned 13 batters on July 17, 2023, in Oakland.

If Pivetta is hoping to be extended and continue his career with the Red Sox, he'll have to sort out his starting pitching woes. His Grapefruit League performances haven't reflected his success from last year, and Boston needs him to play his best as one of the more experienced pitchers in its rotation.

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