4 Red Sox spring training overreactions after first week of play

Boston Red Sox v St. Louis Cardinals
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Despite the unimpressive offseason by the team, Boston Red Sox spring training has given fans a lot to look forward to.

The battle for the final spot in the starting rotation is in full swing, Rafael Devers is blasting home runs, and prospects are showing talent fans didn't expect from them for quite some time. Some of the successes are unforeseen after Boston spent very little money this offseason in comparison to some of its American League East counterparts.

Boston has recently been able to find success with a lower payroll and less impressive roster. Somehow, the 2021 Red Sox made it just two games away from World Series contention. The 2023 squad was just a few games from a winning record.

Sure, a star free-agent pitcher named Jordan Montgomery would really help the Sox win, but for now, Boston is working with what it's got, and there seem to be positive feelings around the club this spring.

At this point, Red Sox fans have been conditioned not to jump to conclusions. So we're here to jump for you.

4 Red Sox spring training overreactions after first week of action

Ceddanne Rafaela will force a Jarren Duran trade

At the end of the offseason and into the preseason, there was no shortage of rumors that Jarren Duran was going to be traded. And when manager Alex Cora admitted that Ceddanne Rafaela has a shot to make the team as the starting center fielder, the chatter only increased.

Rafaela is making a name for himself in spring training. In his 11 at-bats, he's clocked four hits (one of them a double) and logged four walks, one run, an RBI and two stolen bags. Rafaela has never been known for his eye, and seeing him post four walks in his first five spring training games is a sign of huge progress from the outfielder.

Duran has played just one spring training game so far. He underwent surgery to repair turf toe late last season and was still recovering until Friday when he made his 2024 debut. In his first two spring training at-bats, Duran didn't make much noise. He struck out and flied out.

He still has time to prove himself, but at the rate Rafaela is going, he may force the Sox to have to make a hard decision.