4 Red Sox free agent signings making Chaim Bloom look like a genius

Boston Red Sox v Atlanta Braves
Boston Red Sox v Atlanta Braves / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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3) Red Sox free agent signing of Kenley Jansen has been unbelievably good

Not fresh off of his tenure with the Dodgers, Kenley Jansen spent last year with the Atlanta Braves. He was good but not at the elite level he was in his 12 years with Los Angeles. Jansen finished a league-leading 54 games and added 41 saves for the Braves; also the best in the league.

Despite some injury and general health concerns, Bloom and company took a chance on Jansen. His two-year deal worth $32 million is off to a roaring start. He looks like his prime hasn’t left him.

Jansen picked up his 400th career save this week and has given up just a single earned run in 11.2 innings of work. He has 9 saves and has been a stabilizing force in the back of the Boston bullpen. Things have been shaky at times for this team when players such as Ryan Brasier or Richard Bleier have been on the mound. Not Jansen. He’s looking like the right choice.

At 35, there’s little reason to believe he is cooked and will begin to falter. He will eventually have a bad night. So far, his blown save on April 29 that still resulted in a Red Sox win is the only hiccup of the year.