4 prospects the Red Sox need to consider using as trade bait this offseason

The Red Sox have a good amount of work to do on their roster if they really want to contend next season.
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Blaze Jordan

Okay, okay....put down your pitchforks. Without question, Blaze Jordan has had a very strong season down in the minors in 2023. In 122 games this season, Blaze has slashed .296/.350/.481 with 18 homers between high-A and Double-A. Those are some big time numbers no matter how you slice them.

However, Boston is going to have to give up some real talent to bolster this pitching staff and in a lot of ways, Jordan is an expendable luxury. He has played third base, but isn't a good defender and Rafael Devers isn't going anywhere. He probably needs to play first base or DH, but Boston already has too many guys with that profile on their big league including young players Triston Casas and Masataka Yoshida.

When you combine the redundancy Boston has in their organization right now with Jordan's numbers dropping off a bit in Double-A, there is a pretty strong argument that Blaze needs to be actively shopped around. Having too many good hitters isn't a problem unless a team doesn't actually use them and in Blaze's case, his best use for the organization may be to get a trade done for a quality arm.

Mikey Romero

Mikey Romero is a tough one because generally speaking, moving on from a highly regarded prep bat too early is a recipe for getting burned down the line. However, Romero could be a unique case where his value to another club (especially one that may have liked him before the 2022 draft) may be significantly higher than his value to Boston in the short and long-term.

Romero's numbers in 2023 haven't been great as he has posted a .580 OPS this season after really impressing at the plate last year. A big part of those struggles seems to be a recurring back injury that has cost him a bunch of time this season as well. The Red Sox shouldn't force a trade involving Romero as it would be selling low on him a bit. However, if another team is in love with him and it would net a player that could help Boston get over the top, the Red Sox have so much middle infield depth in the minors right now that they could afford to lose him.