4 offseason moves that hurt the Red Sox most heading into 2024

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox
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Letting Justin Turner walk to division-rival Blue Jays

Justin Turner was a fan-favorite Red Sox from the moment he put on the uniform. He played well with the Sox and his impact was palpable around the city of Boston. But Turner opted out of the second year of his contract with the club.

The veteran wanted to return to Boston, and he made it clear. He stated in interviews that he loved the city and the fans. He spoke with Craig Breslow just after he was hired and expressed his desire to play in Boston. Despite knowing that the Red Sox would be at the bottom of the barrel yet again, Turner was committed to the team. The front office turned its back on him.

The Blue Jays signed Turner and found a consistent bat that they desperately needed. He doesn't improve the Jays' roster by a lot, but the Red Sox letting him walk after he expressed his desire to play in Boston further damaged the front office's reputation, and nobody was sure that was possible at that moment. Because if they weren't willing to give Turner ~$15 million, then what were they willing to do?

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