4 impact moves the Red Sox can make to address Lucas Giolito's injury

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox
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Trade for Dylan Cease

The Chicago White Sox had their young ace Dylan Cease on the trade block earlier this season and the Red Sox expressed interest in him. The two sides did not get close enough on an exchange to generate any real hype this winter, but now Boston should reconsider its prior offers.

Chicago's price for Cease has been regarded as quite high by teams looking to make an exchange and no one has approached the desired compensation. The White Sox reportedly told their young star that as soon as a team meets their steep demands, he'll be shipped elsewhere.

The Orioles were able to trade for Corbin Burnes with the sixth and seventh-best prospects in their top-tier farm system. The Red Sox's farm is up near the top of the list with the Orioles', and one would like to believe that the White Sox would be willing to listen to some offers from Boston. Cease is under contract until 2026 so the Red Sox would need to make a very compelling offer, which they aren't in the business of doing in recent years.

The White Sox are hungry for MLB-ready talent to try to make their way out of the basement of the American League Central, much like the Red Sox are trying to do in the East. Wilyer Abreu, Nick Yorke and Wikelman Gonzalez would be fine options to pitch to Chicago, as they're all ready or close to ready for big-league action.