4 impact moves the Red Sox can make to address Lucas Giolito's injury

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox
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The energy surrounding the Boston Red Sox this spring training has been overwhelmingly positive. Even though the front office didn't make many changes to actually make the roster better, the Red Sox have been having some success in unexpected areas this spring.

Pitching has been one of Boston's greatest deficiencies for some time. Shockingly, the rotation has doing well in Grapefruit League action.

Suddenly, the outlook for the rotation has changed, though. The Red Sox's marquee offseason acquisition Lucas Giolito felt some discomfort in his elbow after his most recent start against the Minnesota Twins.

Some early imaging of Giolito's throwing arm has revealed what is likely a partial UCL tear that could require Tommy John surgery to repair. And, in the blink of an eye, the Red Sox are down to one true starter in the rotation. Brayan Bello is now Boston's only hope.

But he doesn't have to be. There are still free-agent pitchers available and trades that can be made with the Red Sox's stacked farm. The front office is going to have to do something to salvage the season. We have some ideas.

4 impact moves the Red Sox can make to address Lucas Giolito injury

Sign Jordan Montgomery

It's the answer that's been right in front of management's faces the whole time. But now they're really desperate.

Red Sox fans have been begging and pleading with the front office in any way they can to convince the team to sign Jordan Montgomery. With Giolito in the mix, he would stabilize the rotation. Without Giolito available, Montgomery would give the Red Sox the bare minimum of the promises made to fans this offseason (that the Red Sox would still be competitive). They won't win any prizes, but they won't be a doormat entering every series.

Boston signed Giolito to serve as an innings-eater and potential ace (if he resdiscovered his form). He's pitched over 160 innings five times in his eight-year big-league career. The Red Sox didn't get much longevity out of their starting rotation last season and Montgomery would take them far. He pitched 188.2 innings in his age-30 season with the Rangers.

Giolito's injury gives management the perfect way to prove that they care about the Red Sox as much as they claim to. Signing Montgomery may be the only way to salvage the 2024 season.