4 former Red Sox struggling mightily during 2024 spring training

2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training / New York Yankees/GettyImages
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Justin Turner

After Justin Turner quickly emerged as a fan-favorite with the Red Sox last season, Boston fans would have loved to see him back in a Sox uniform this season. He signed with the Blue Jays late in the offseason and, while Red Sox Nation was disappointed, Turner isn't putting up the numbers he posted with the Sox last year.

In 18 at-bats, Turner has registered a .222 batting average and he's struck out four times. He's walked five times, showing his eye is in in-season form, but his contact has been minimal. Of Turner's four hits, just one has gone for extra bases.

Turner is a veteran who's been through many spring trainings and should very well find himself in due time, but he's also entering his age-39 season, and his production is likely to decline in the coming years. Though his spring numbers probably won't be indicative of that, bats are usually ahead of pitching at this time of the year. Either way, he should benefit from being in a better lineup of offensive studs. He'll just probably have to wait for the real action to begin.

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