3 under-the-radar Red Sox players off to a good start in 2023

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Many Boston fans have found excitement outside of the Boston Red Sox to start the season. All eyes have turned to the attention of the Boston Celtics and Bruins who have begun their quests for duck boat parades. The Sox find themselves with a not-so-iconic start to the season as they stand 9-9 on a year filled with many ups and downs.

The team has struggled to find an identity just about a tenth of the way through the year and quite frankly the fans are wondering if they're in tune for yet another dry year of missing the playoffs. Between the roller-coasting offense and middling pitching staff we don't know what to expect for the team this season.

Despite the sluggish start to the season, there have been quite a few surprising starts. When looking at the tape, you'd be pretty surprised at how well these three players have been.

Under-the-radar Red Sox player 1: Catcher Reese McGuire

First of all, it's hard to catch anyone's attention when you're splitting games as a catcher but 28-year-old Reese McGuire has silently popped off as one of the best hitters to start the 2023 season. The Seattle native has made the most of his appearances this season, notching eleven hits, three runs, and only nine strikeouts in eleven games played. To the surprise of many, McGuire has the highest batting average for all active players on the team with an average of .393 and four RBIs.

Sure, McGuire has rightfully so faced much scrutiny on and off the field as many are calling on his counter-piece Connor Wong to become the full-time catcher for the Sox but I'd beg to differ. Wong hasn't had much of an impressive start to the year, in thirteen games played, Wong has a batting average of .171 with six hits, zero home runs, and ten strikeouts.

One of the concerns McGuire has faced throughout his career has been the issue of throwing players from the plate.

Although the defensive challenges faced, it's hard to ignore what McGuire has done for the team offensively with time being split on the field.