3 starting pitcher trade choices the Red Sox need to make with Giolito off the market

The Boston Red Sox's plans at the trade deadline just got a whole lot trickier.
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While the trade market hasn't shown much movement ahead of the trade deadline just yet, the Boston Red Sox will need to make some decisions here very soon. The urgency has only been heightened in the wake of the Angels acquiring Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez from the White Sox.

Assuming a world where the Red Sox are indeed buying at the trade deadline, they have some work to do. While the lineup has been one of the better offenses in baseball, this Boston team needs some pitching as the rotation has struggled mightily in 2023 and the bullpen could use some reinforcements as well.

So what does the Giolito trade have to do the Red Sox given that neither team has much do with Boston other than the Angels being a wild card rival? Well, as it turns out, it matters quite a bit.

Here are 3 starting pitching choices the Red Sox need to make with Giolito off the market

The starting pitching market at the trade deadline this year appears to be the one where the dominos could fall very quickly. Giolito has been mentioned as a trade target by pretty much everyone for some time now. With him now officially off the market, prices are now far more set and things could move much more quickly especially with teams no longer holding out hope that Shohei Ohtani could be available.

Let's take a look at the choices the Red Sox need to make to address their pitching concerns.