3 Red Sox trade targets who make sense to acquire, 2 who absolutely don't

The Red Sox should be looking at trade candidates who fit a certain criteria and stay away from those who don't meet it.
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Red Sox trade target that makes sense: Any of the Brewers starting pitchers under contract next year

A more outside of the box way for the Red Sox to think at this year’s trade deadline is to flip one of their outfielders in a deal for some starting pitching help. The Milwaukee Brewers have starters to spare. They’re the team to look at even if the Red Sox ultimately decide they’d rather subtract from the farm system than the MLB roster to acquire one of them.

Because the Brewers are very much alive in the playoff race, the Red Sox won’t be snagging Corbin Burnes away. Others would make more sense. It depends on how hard the Red Sox want to push.

A pitcher like Julio Teheran is only worth acquiring if the Red Sox add even more to their roster. He’s a free agent at the end of this season. Someone like Adrian Houser, who reaches his third and final year of arbitration eligibility next season, looks more ideal for the Red Sox. He’s the best combination of age, talent, and control through next season.

The Red Sox shouldn’t necessarily have a target goal of winning the 2023 World Series, but they should also avoid punting the opportunity completely. It might not be the easiest trade to make with the Brewers because they have their eyes on a championship as well. Their obvious need for more offense is where Boston can help out.