3 Red Sox trade targets who make sense to acquire, 2 who absolutely don't

The Red Sox should be looking at trade candidates who fit a certain criteria and stay away from those who don't meet it.
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Red Sox trade target that makes sense: Paul DeJong

A different player for an entirely different Red Sox trade deadline need, St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong is someone the Red Sox could probably get for practically nothing at all. In fact, the Cardinals might sweeten the deal and throw in something else—like a willingness to pay a portion of his salary.

DeJong’s once promising career managed to award him with a contract through 2025 but with team options each season. He’s set to earn $12.5 million in 2024 and another $15 million in 2025. He was sent to the minors last season in what turned out to be his second straight year of batting below .200. It wasn’t like the 2021 campaign when he was shy by a few points at .197. DeJong hit only .157/.245/.286 in 237 plate appearances for the Cardinals in 2022.

Things have been much better this year with DeJong slashing near his career totals. DeJong isn’t anybody’s “dream” shortstop and yet his combination of power and defense makes him an asset. His biggest problem has been consistency. As a more affordable rental who could be on the move, the Red Sox should consider him.

He fits the Red Sox roster due to the absence of Trevor Story and any other truly competent shortstop options. DeJong is a good fielder who would become more of a utility player with some pop with Story back. If successful, the Red Sox could always ponder the thought of playing him regularly up the middle. Let Story and DeJong battle for who gets shortstop.

DeJong is a buy for this year and next season, unless he’s a complete disaster in Boston. The Cardinals are ready to buy him out at the end of the year. He’s worth the risk.