3 Red Sox trade targets who make sense to acquire, 2 who absolutely don't

The Red Sox should be looking at trade candidates who fit a certain criteria and stay away from those who don't meet it.
Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox
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The Boston Red Sox remain undeclared as trade deadline buyers or sellers. Could they fall somewhere in between? They definitely don’t seem to have the kind of roster that can go all the way to a championship parade and yet with a team very much in contention, they shouldn’t even think about selling off major pieces either.

It’s not a spectacular place to be. Having a more defined mission at the trade deadline to add or subtract makes a general manager’s job much easier. Chaim Bloom has some big decisions to make and only a little over two weeks to make them.

Regardless of how they’re playing, the Red Sox should weigh the option of buying certain players. Three potential trade targets do make sense for them while another pair don’t really make much sense at all for Boston.

Red Sox trade target that makes sense: Joe Kelly

A return to the Red Sox for Joe Kelly makes sense for them and his current employer, the Chicago White Sox. Kelly has had a miserable time in Chicago. Including last season, Kelly is 2-7 with a 5.54 ERA in 65 innings for the Southsiders.

What could possibly have the Red Sox thinking of acquiring him? Because of the struggles, Kelly will come at a smaller price tag. He also has a $9.5 million team option for next season. The Red Sox should have additions for next year’s roster in mind as early as this month.

As ugly as the ERA has been for the White Sox, Kelly has a 3.12 FIP while in Chicago. It’s an exceptional difference and suggestive of some bad luck. However, it’s not all just a lack of four leaf clovers. His 1.44 WHIP reveals how many base runners he’s allowing.

Kelly shouldn’t cost the Red Sox much more than a low-level prospect. The White Sox should want to move on from him. The Red Sox should view him as a candidate to rebound with a return to Boston. He might not be at his best, but as a veteran with toughness and familiarity with the Red Sox culture, a turnaround isn’t outrageous to expect.