3 Red Sox trade deadline mistakes Chaim Bloom must avoid at all costs

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3) Red Sox trade deadline mistake to avoid: Don’t feel obligated to keep any of the veterans

The Red Sox should have the 2024 season in mind with every action they take at the trade deadline. Don’t throw away a big part of your immediate future for the sake of winning now. This applies for most players except for some of the veterans.

Someone like Kenley Jansen could turn into a hot commodity at the trade deadline. Good, bad, or neutral, the Red Sox shouldn’t cling too hard to him for a chance to add other pieces they believe are a better fit for them long-term.

These same rules apply for other aging veterans with contractual obligations beyond 2023. Justin Turner has a player option for next year. They shouldn’t balk at keeping him. He could leave anyway.

It would be a major mistake by the Red Sox to not do anything at all. Don’t act like Sweden. Pick a side. Buy and sell if you have to. Swap a short-term piece for a longer one that may help you next season if that’s what works.

Being true to what they are is what the Red Sox need most at this year’s trade deadline. Reaching a little bit to try to add a spark is acceptable. Calling a team meeting to try and muster up the players you already have and not finding better ones is not.

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