3 Red Sox trade deadline mistakes Chaim Bloom must avoid at all costs

Seattle Mariners v Boston Red Sox
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Buy. Sell. What will the Boston Red Sox do at this year’s trade deadline? They’ve been one of the stronger teams in the American League in spite of their starting rotation, bullpen, and an offseason where they seemed to go with lesser moves than some of their biggest foes.

Very much alive at the moment but in a division with four other heavyweights, the Red Sox must think rationally.

Last year was a good example of not being so rational. Why pick up Tommy Pham? J.D. Martinez wasted away on the roster and eventually left for nothing. Those trade deadline mistakes can be learned from. It’s these three Chaim Bloom must avoid at all costs.

1) Red Sox trade deadline mistake to avoid: Don’t sell Alex Verdugo too low

Alex Verdugo has a chance to make the Mookie Betts trade much less undesirable than it still feels. He has been a good but not great outfielder for them since 2020. He is producing at a high rate yet again this season and could be thought of as one of the team’s more appealing trade pieces.

Verdugo has a year of control beyond the current season which makes him someone to easily come back next year for another try, just in case the Red Sox do fall out of the postseason race. The Red Sox aren’t in the position to start rebuilding again. In fact, Verdugo seems much more like an extension candidate than someone to let leave.

His ceiling may have already been reached and as disappointing as it may feel to swap an MVP like Betts for a lesser outfielder such as Verdugo, he’s a piece the Red Sox will benefit from keeping around. The moment he leaves is when the search for an equivalent replacement begins all over again.

If seller mode is the one turned on in Boston, Verdugo should stay outside of an extreme overpayment. Everyone has a price. For Verdugo, it has to be a mouthwatering offer.