3 Red Sox prospects who should not be traded and 3 who should

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It is pretty clear that the Boston Red Sox find themselves in a bit of trouble as we head into the midpoint of the 2023 season. On the surface, a record hovering around .500 isn’t the end of the world and in most divisions in the American League, it would have you in very reasonable striking distance.

Unfortunately, that isn’t really the case in the AL East which has proven to be absolutely loaded this year. The Rays got off to their crazy start and while maintaining that pace was always unsustainable, they are not showing signs of fading too much, either. The Orioles are loaded with young talent that is already challenging for a playoff spot. The Yankees seem like they are vulnerable, but are still hanging around and are always dangerous. Even the Blue Jays are a pretty good team even with some underperformance so far this season.

That leaves Boston in the cellar looking up at a division that seems to be leaving them behind. Unlike most basement-dwelling teams, though, the Red Sox have some things going for them. The offense is still one of the better ones in the division and the bullpen has been quite good as well. It all comes down to whether or not they can get their rotation troubles sorted out quickly and severely enough to put together a run.

Which prospects should the Red Sox keep and which ones should they trade?

This is easier said than done because 1) Boston probably needs multiple arms and 2) they are going to have a lot of competition as the trade deadline approaches as a lot of teams could use starting pitching. Boston is going to have to pony up to get guys that can help them in 2023 (and that includes useful rentals) so they are going to have to do a serious accounting of which prospects need to stay and which ones the organization can part with.

Here is a look at some prospects the Red Sox need to hang on to as part of their future and some that they could part with come the trade deadline.