3 Red Sox predictions we wish we'd have made before the season began

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3) We wish we predicted the Boston Red Sox rotation would be this bad

Going into the season we knew the Boston Red Sox would not have the best rotation in baseball. They were relying on Chris Sale to not only stay healthy but also be an ace. They were relying on a guy like Corey Kluber to not only stay healthy but be reliable. They were relying on youngsters like Bryan Bello, Tanner Houck, and Garrett Whitlock to take leaps. None of that has happened.

While he's been better lately, Sale looks like a shell of himself. The left-hander has a 6.37 ERA over his first seven starts. At least he's healthy. Corey Kluber also looks like a shell of himself, as he has a 6.29 ERA over his first seven starts. After a solid year in Tampa Bay last season, Kluber has gone six innings just once for Boston. He's given up at least one home run in every start, and he's seen a massive spike in his walks from 1.2 BB/9 to 3.1 BB/9. Boston needs more from both of these starters.

Nick Pivetta has an ERA over 6.00 and seems to think he's untouchable in the rotation. Bryan Bello didn't begin the season in the rotation but he has an ERA over 5.00 despite pitching better lately. Houck and Whitlock have ERA's of 5.26 and 6.19 respectively. It just isn't working. At least James Paxton is finally healthy.

Red Sox starters rank 28th with a 5.94 ERA through the first 39 games of the season. That's over a full run worse than the 4.49 ERA they had last season. I thought it'd be improved with Sale back and Kluber being added, but it's substantially worse. For Boston to be competitive this season they'll have to make at least one or two trades to improve in this area.

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