3 Red Sox players who will definitely be 2023 All-Stars and 3 more who could be

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Well, that's it. The Boston Red Sox have have now been swept in three games by the Los Angeles Angels in three games at Angel Stadium, and just like that we're 50 games into the season. Their record sits at 26-24: a tie with Toronto for last place.

It's been an up and down season, and it feels like yesterday that Opening Day was here. Yet, it feels like years since guys like Shohei Ohtani, the Red Sox-own Masataka Yoshida, and Seiya Suzuki were all winning the World Baseball Classic.

Now that we're 50 games in though, it's time to look at who has impressed and should make the American League All-Star roster.

Definite Red Sox 2023 All-Stars: Rafael Devers (3B), Alex Verdugo (OF), Masataka Yoshida (OF)

Rafael Devers (3B)

2023 numbers (as of 5/25/23): .290 Avg., 13 HR, 44 RBI

One surefire All-Star for the Red Sox this season has to be third baseman Rafael Devers who is playing out of his mind this season after signing an extension in the offseason, that signed him with Boston through the 2033 season.

Through 50 games, Devers leads American League third basemen with his home run total, and all MLB third basemen with his RBI total.

He has close competition to start in the All-Star Game in Matt Chapman from the Toronto Blue Jays, Josh Jung from the Texas Rangers, and Isaac Parades from Tampa Bay, but that's all based on batting average, but at the end of the day close is only good in horse shoes and hand grenades.

Alex Verdugo (OF)

2023 numbers (as of 5/25/23): .283 Avg., 5 HR, 19 RBI

Going into this season, Boston's outfield was up in the air. They knew what they had in terms of names, but what the Red Sox didn't know is what they were going to get in terms of production. They had the potential of power when they signed Adam Duvall.

What nobody saw coming this year though, was the emergence of Alex Verdugo. In the month of April, the Red Sox had three walk-off wins - two that were off his bat. Verdugo, however, kept going and joined Andruw Jones, and Barry Bonds, as the only players to have three walk-off hits in their teams first 30 games when he walked another game off - this time coming against Toronto on May 2.

Now the numbers may not present a good case for him to start over other players like Aaron Judge, or Mike Trout - not to mention hometown favorite Julio Rodriguez - but look for him to be in the conversation to at least be a reserve outfielder.

Masataka Yoshida (OF)

2023 numbers (as of 5/25/23): .299 Avg., 6 HR, 29 RBI

When Boston signed Masataka Yoshida in the offseason, there was some immediate optimism. The fans looked at Chief Baseball Officer, Chaim Bloom, and said "wow, he actually did something." Granted, all they knew at the moment was Yoshida's numbers, and trends, overseas.

He was an outfielder who consistently would hit towards, if not at the top, of the batting average list each year he played in Japan. That was when it hit Red Sox fans: "wait... Would his ability's translate to the United States where the pitching would be an adjustment for Yoshida?"

Turns out, it wasn't much an adjustment at all and he has continued to hit like... Well... Himself, and holds the fourth-most RBI of all major league left fielders. As of May 25, he holds the third-best batting average of all American League left fielders. Right now, his starter status is up in the air, but his ability to get in should not be an issue.