3 Red Sox non-roster invitees that could make an impact in 2024

The Boston Red Sox announced 13 non-roster invitees for Spring Training. Who amongst them might make an impact in 2024?
2024 Boston Red Sox Rookie Development Workout
2024 Boston Red Sox Rookie Development Workout / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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On Friday, the Boston Red Sox announced 13 non-roster invitees that will be joining the team at spring training in a few weeks.

Of those 13 players, there were five pitchers (Luis Guerrero, Justin Hagenman, Alex Hoppe, A.J. Politi, and Chase Shugart), four catchers (Nathan Hickey, Mark Kolozsvary, Roberto Pérez, and Stephen Scott), three infielders (Chase Meidroth, Nick Sogard, and Nick Yorke), and one outfielder (Corey Rosier).

With Boston not making many moves this offseason, could any of these players be set up to make a serious impact in 2024?

Justin Hagenman put up great numbers in Triple-A in 2023. Hagenman not being slotted into the bullpen already makes it feel like the Red Sox don't have a clear plan for the 27-year-old.

Alex Hoppe has an electric arm that can top 100 MPH on his fastball. He'll be a fun bullpen piece soon. However, he only has 14 innings in Double-A.

A.J. Politi didn't get protected in the Rule 5 draft last offseason. Then, he had a slightly down year in 2024. So, even though he's proven himself an effective reliever, Boston doesn't seem to view him as a vital piece.

Chase Shugart's had some good runs but a lot of rough stretches, too. The righty will likely have to dominate Triple-A to get a shot at the Majors.

Nathan Hickey is dominant with the bat. However, his defense behind the plate needs a lot of work. The left-handed hitter is also still in Double-A, so it feels unlikely.

Mark Kolozsvary seems like a fine in-case-of-emergency catcher. However, he won't even be the first option out of Triple-A (if he makes the roster).

Roberto Pérez is a great defensive catcher, which could help his case. Perhaps the perfect role for him is helping the pitchers in Triple-A, though.

Nick Sogard plays multiple positions well and gets on base at a high clip. However, the switch-hitter gives off Ryan Fitzgerald vibes in the sense that the Red Sox are always going to value someone else more, and Sogard might not get the shot he deserves.

Nick Yorke had a great bounceback year in Double-A and could start 2024 in Triple-A. The right-handed hitter is still young (21), and Boston will likely want him to get a lot of time at the level before seeing the Majors.

Corey Rosier has a great glove, gets on base, and has elite speed, but is facing an uphill battle with the Red Sox having so many outfielders on the roster ahead of him. So who's left?

3 Red Sox non-roster invitees that could make an impact in 2024