3 players the Boston Red Sox should move on from to save their season

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Players the Red Sox should move on from -- No. 1: Kiké Hernandez

Man, oh man. What on earth are we going to do with Kiké Hernandez? I figured that Hernandez would be at least serviceable as the primary shortstop through this first stretch of the season, but oh my has it been awful to watch him fumble around at short. He leads the entire Major Leagues with 13 fielding errors this year, all of them coming at shortstop, which is never going to win you ball games. I would be able to excuse it if he was producing at the plate, but that hasn't been the case this year.

So far, Hernandez has been batting .233, with an OPS of .666 and an OPS+ of 80. He hasn't really shown any extended stretch of power this year, he has struggled to drive runs in, and he's been striking out at a worryingly high rate this year. This isn't 2021 anymore, that injury that Hernandez dealt with last year is clearly having a lingering effect on his production still, and to be completely honest, it might be for the best that Hernandez's contract is up after this season.

Chaim Bloom should try to look for some sort of deal involving Hernandez so that we can get something in return for him, but all in all, it is clear that the Red Sox need to move on from Kiké Hernandez, and fill his lineup spot with someone who can actually field the ball (hopefully Trevor Story comes back sooner than expected).