3 moves Red Sox must make to punch back at Yankees’ Juan Soto trade

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Jordan Montgomery

The Yankees have also been connected to former Yankee Jordan Montgomery, who the Red Sox are confirmed to be in on and who is literally living in Boston during the offseason. Though it's sort of amusing to think about the Yankees crawling back to Montgomery, who they dumped in St. Louis after Brian Cashman decided he wouldn't be a good postseason pitcher. The irony there is clear. While the Yankees admitting they were wrong about something would be a real novelty, this is another signing that the Red Sox can't lose to New York. With all of Boston's talk and concern about bolstering their starting rotation, dominoes are starting to fall in that market and the team is still inert.

Montgomery is living in Boston right now and is pitching at Boston College facilities, which are a 15 minute drive from Fenway. If there was ever a perfect context to hone in on a player who's in high demand, it's this. Even if the Red Sox lose Yamamoto to any other team, Montgomery is still very good at what he does, will come cheaper than Yamamoto, and is in the most prime position to be courted by the Red Sox. He may be a more plausible option for them because he'll cost millions fewer dollars than Yamamoto will. This is another acquisition that Boston not only can't afford to let New York get, but one that they shouldn't let get away to anyone else, either.