3 contracts the Red Sox will regret this offseason

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale (41)
Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale (41) / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
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Kenley Jansen: 2 years, $32,000,000 through 2024

Compared to Chris Sale and Trevor Story, closer Kenley Jansen's two-year, $32 million contract feels a little more acceptable. Jansen was a proven dominant presence for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was pretty good for the Atlanta Braves, and was an optimistic signing for the Red Sox despite his age. His experience over 13 years in the major leagues couldn't be underestimated, and his reputation alone should make him a threat on the mound.

However, that didn't come across in his first $16 million year with the Red Sox. He pitched only 44 and 2/3 innings, the lowest number in his career outside of his rookie year and the COVID season, put up a 3.63 ERA, his highest since 2019, and his K/9 dropped to a career second lowest 10.48. He only missed a few days in the 2023 season when he came down with COVID, giving him less of an excuse than Sale and Story for a subpar overall performance.

Unless Jansen shapes up for his second and probably final year in Boston, he shouldn't expect to be thought of fondly following his departure.

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