3 bargain deals the Red Sox should pursue

With MLB free agency underway, here are three lower tier veteran free agents that the Red Sox could benefit from signing.
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3. J.D. Martinez

Admittedly, this one is probably more just wishful thinking. The unofficial Justin Turner/J.D. Martinez swap between the Red Sox and Dodgers worked out for both sides. The Red Sox got a .300 hitter with less power numbers, while the Dodgers got 33 homers and 103 RBI from Martinez during his one-year deal. With Turner declining his option hoping to earn more money in free agency, could we see a Red Sox reunion with a player that won two Silver Sluggers in the same year?

While Turner was an on-base machine for the Red Sox in 2023, the team was severely lacking power from the DH spot in the middle of their lineup. At 36 years old, Martinez won't be looking for a long-term deal as he was heading into 2018, but a one or two-year deal for the slugger would add another threat in the middle of this lineup that was sorely missed last season.

These potential veteran signings are not to say that the Red Sox shouldn't be going after the top tier free agents on the market this off-season. Everyone has made it clear that the Red Sox are going to try to spend more with Breslow at the helm, and while that remains to be seen, all signs are pointing to the team being key players among the starting pitching talent that has hit the open market.

The team is set up well positionally heading into 2024, but could certainly benefit from veteran leadership with Turner searching for more money elsewhere. Any of these three players could not only provide mentorship with a young Red Sox lineup, but they are also capable of showing they can still perform in the later stages of their careers.