3 bargain deals the Red Sox should pursue

With MLB free agency underway, here are three lower tier veteran free agents that the Red Sox could benefit from signing.
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2. Joey Votto

The 17-year veteran is looking for a new team after the Cincinnati Reds publicly announced they would not be exercising his team option for 2024. The Red Sox have their first baseman of the future, but Votto could step into a mentorship role for the young Triston Casas, and take some of the pressure off his back. Being able to pick the brain of one of the best first baseman of this past generation would benefit the development of Casas in many ways.

Not to mention, like Casas, Votto has a tendency to be a bit outlandish in interviews and the way he prepares for games. Matching these two personalities together would not only help Casas, but give the team a quality backup that is looking to prove he can still be a quality bat at age 40.