2 reason Red Sox should add Juan Soto and 2 why they shouldn't

After two consecutive last place finishes the Red Sox are looking for anything to help them dig out the bottom of the AL East. Can Juan Soto help them out or will he cost too much?
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Positives of Red Sox adding Juan Soto

I mean, let's be real, where do we even begin? There are so many positives to adding adding to Dominican-born outfielder that this list could go on for hours. We'll keep it short and sweet though, and give you two broad positives and expand on them underneath.

Pro No. 1 - Juan Soto adds A LOT of offense

The first thing that Soto would do is he would add some instant pop to a lineup that wasn't necessarily flat last season, but lacked that consistent hitter who you could always count on to produce.

In the beginning of the season last year, it was Alex Verdugo, but as the season wore on, the ability to produce went down for the team as a whole. Soto, on the other hand, has produced to say the least.

In his six years in the league between his time with the Washington Nationals and the Padres, he has hit .284 with 160 home runs and 483 RBI. On top of all of this, Soto has also learned to be patient at the plate as well walking 640 times in this time.

Pro No. 2 - He is a bonafide All-Star, MVP candidate (almost) every year

In his six season in the major leagues, Soto has been to the All-Star game three times and has also won the Silver Slugger Award as many times. He has not won an MVP yet, but he was the runner-up in 2021 and has had MVP-like seasons almost every year he's been in the show.

In the field, he is one of the best putting together 23 assists from the outfield in six seasons, giving him an average of almost four per season. He also has a near-perfect fielding percentage that sits at .989 going into the 2024 season.

Soto adds a lot on both sides of the ball, something that Boston severely needs going into the 2024 season and something that will definitely make him stick out as a player to be feared, but the question is, will these pros outweigh the cons.