2 pros, 2 cons to Red Sox giving Jorge Alfaro a chance

Jorge Alfaro leans against the dugout wall prior to a spring training game against the Detroit Tigers.
Jorge Alfaro leans against the dugout wall prior to a spring training game against the Detroit Tigers. / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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In the offseason, when the Boston Red Sox first signed Jorge Alfaro, it looked like they were finally atoning for letting Christian Vazquez walk to another team after the Houston Astros were reluctant to resign him in free agency.

Right? Wrong. Very wrong, in fact.

So wrong in fact that they signed him to a minor league deal that gave him an opt-out clause that allows him to opt-out on or after June 1 if the Red Sox don't add him to their 26-man roster before then. Alfaro did just that: according to Chris Cotillo, of MassLive.com, he opted out of his minor league deal -- giving Boston 48 hours to either add him to the 26-man roster or let him roam the waters of free agency.

If they were to add him to the 26-man roster, there would be pros and cons to it.

Should Red Sox give Jorge Alfaro a chance?

Pro No. 1: You get an experienced catcher on the roster

Whenever you add experience to a team, it definitely carries some weight, no matter who it is - as long as you're not making 75-year-old Carlton Fisk get behind the plate, and hope he can wave another home run fair a la the 1975 World Series.

But when you add someone like Alfaro, who made it to the NLCS just a year ago, and someone who has more big league catching experience than both of your big league catchers combined, that is something that you can look at and say that it can potentially be worth it.

While Alfaro has not played as a consistent starter since the 2018, and 2019 seasons, where he hit .262 both seasons, hit a combined 28 home runs, and also collected 94 RBI. He still has yet to even get a second look from the front office in Boston. Even to the untrained eye that looks like someone who, if they're not up in the major leagues, should at least be on the 40-man roster, but not to the Red Sox, you'll see why with con #1.