Red Sox prospect Triston Casas knows the expectations on his shoulders

WORCESTER - Triston Casas watches the ball fly before being tagged out running to second during the final home game of the inaugural season at Polar Park on Sunday, September 26, 2021.Spt Woosoxgame 59
WORCESTER - Triston Casas watches the ball fly before being tagged out running to second during the final home game of the inaugural season at Polar Park on Sunday, September 26, 2021.Spt Woosoxgame 59 /

Triston Casas knows what the Red Sox expect of him

Every now and again, we see a prospect skyrocket through the developmental system and make a charge toward the big leagues. Right now, that’s Triston Casas and Red Sox Nation is ready to see him do his thing at Fenway Park. Unfortunately, some of Boston’s top prospects have had mixed results in recent seasons but this one feels just a bit different.

Casas may be the most exciting player we have flirting with a promotion to the main club in some time. Jarren Duran had that same kind of aura around him last year but unfortunately, we saw him be more man than myth when the time eventually arrived. Triston definitely has a leg up on Duran though both are factored into the future plans for the Red Sox as Chaim Bloom continues to improve the farm system.

At just 22-years-old, the dynamic infielder is already forcing his hand into Alex Cora’s lineup. While he hasn’t broken into The Show yet, he’s definitely going to stir up the infield when the call does come to Worcester. He’ll make his 2022 home debut this afternoon at Polar Park and without a doubt, all eyes are going to be on him. If he continues to do what he’s done over the course of his career while others in the Red Sox lineup flounder, we could see him sooner rather than later.

It’s no surprise that Casas understands what lays before him when he does make it to Fenway Park for the long haul. Every challenge that’s been placed before him he’s found a way to conquer and he knows there will be a massive level of expectations on his shoulders when he’s in the lineup in front of 35,000+ in Boston.

"“Coming into an environment where we’re expected to win, where I’ll be expected to make an impact right from the first game and a city that we’re expected to win a championship,” Casas said. “That’s exactly the environment I want to come into. I can’t imagine what that day is going to be like, the emotions it’s going to be filled with. But I can only say I’ll be ready. I’ll be prepared.”"

No offense to other teams around the league, but getting called up to play for the Red Sox, Yankees, or Dodgers, is much more different than if the Pirates are ringing your phone. There are cities and fanbases that expect nothing but winning championships, and Boston is definitely one of those. He also spoke about not hearing as much of the hype and excitement for his pending arrival thanks to being in the minors.

To a degree that has to be a blessing in disguise that he isn’t inundated every single day with questions about when he thinks the Red Sox will promote him. He knows very well just how passionate Red Sox Nation is as they’ve more than made that clear during his run through the minors, but he was honest in that he has yet to truly feel the Boston energy.

Until he steps foot onto the grass at Fenway Park for a meaningful game, he won’t, but he’s ready. Casas doesn’t know when his phone will ring but he wants both Cora and Bloom to know that he’s going to be as prepared as possible for that day.

Triston is currently ranked at #19 in Baseball America’s Top-100 Prospect List while Sox Prospects has him sitting on top of the mountain at #1. Both expect him to hit the majors sometime around the All-Star Break and depending on the state of the Red Sox at the time, possibly sooner.

"“You hear about Boston’s fan base and how loyal they are and how supportive they are of the team,” Casas said. “That whole region, the whole area, for all the teams really. But as a minor leaguer, you really don’t get to feel it. So I don’t really know exactly how excited they are or if they are anticipative of my arrival or not. I’ve been getting some support. … But I’m not sure I understand the magnitude of what I can accomplish or what is in store for me.”"

The MiLB season is still very early and through just five games he’s hitting a paltry .158/.292/.368. I expect those numbers to make a turn for the better in a hurry, especially with the home debut coming in just a few hours. If anyone loves hitting at Polar Park it’s Triston Casas, so look for him to get a jumpstart on his offense.

Casas has some of the biggest hype we’ve seen for a prospect in some time. Other that have been promoted in recent years have had some of that around them but it feels like his eventual promotion will be like a damn holiday. A hot few months in Worcester may force the hand of the Red Sox and we could be seeing Triston launching tanks to Cambridge in a matter of a few short months.

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