Red Sox News: Trevor Story getting advice from Dustin Pedroia at second

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 27: Trevor Story #27 of the Colorado Rockies fields a ground ball against the Boston Red Sox at Coors Field on August 27, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
DENVER, CO - AUGUST 27: Trevor Story #27 of the Colorado Rockies fields a ground ball against the Boston Red Sox at Coors Field on August 27, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

The new Red Sox infielder is getting help from a team legend

While we await the arrival of newly signed Red Sox infielder Trevor Story to the Grapefruit League, some news about his positional change has come out. Not only do we now know why he was so willing to move from shortstop to second base, but we also learned that the two-time All-Star may be getting some advice from a Boston legend.

A few days ago, former Red Sox third baseman and current NESN analyst Will Middlebrooks was fielding questions on his Twitter, and the topic of Story came up. The World Champion was asked if the club would see some extra coaching from Dustin Pedroia for their new second baseman. Middlebrooks shared some insider knowledge that Pedey has been in contact with the team but he’s more than happy being a family man right now.

Even if it’s a FaceTime here and there, a call, or even just a text now and again, I love the idea of Dustin being involved even the smallest amount with Story. Not only is Pedey one of the best second basemen in franchise history, but he was also drafted by the Red Sox as a shortstop out of Arizona State before being moved to second in the developmental system. If anyone could offer some nuggets of advice on the subject, it’s Dustin.

He wouldn’t be the first Red Sox champion to make his way back to the team in some form or fashion as David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, and Tim Wakefield all hold roles with the club. Jason Varitek is on the coaching staff that is led by Alex Cora. And now Middlebrooks, Kevin Youkilis, and Kevin Millar are joining a plethora of Sox legends on the analyst/commentary side of things.

For Story, coming to Boston and changing positions is all based on one thing, winning. After playing his entire career in Colorado the two-time Silver Slugger is ready to add one more accolade to his resume, World Champion.

Joining the Red Sox right as the team is thriving couldn’t be any more perfect. Complementing guys like Rafael Devers, Xander Bogaerts, and Bobby Dalbec not only offensively but defensively is a boost to Cora’s side.

"“It was something that me, my family and my team had to talk about a lot,” Story said. “At the end of the day, I’ve been saying my whole career that it’s about winning. I felt that this was a really good fit for me to play second this year on this team, on the Red Sox. That’s really what it came down to — seeing this team and seeing the trend they’re on and the players and the makeup of this team. That’s really what swayed me.”"

Many have viewed Story as not only a huge plus to the current roster but also as a safety net if Bogey decides to walk after this season. Xander has an opt-out after the 2022 campaign, and while he’s made it more than clear he doesn’t plan to go anywhere, money will always talk at the end of the day.

I doubt Bogaerts will take a payday from another club solely based on what he’s said, and even more so, the fact that he was one of the factors that brought Story to Boston.

Trevor isn’t afraid of the positional change and is hoping his experiences in the minors as well as applying the shift over several years aid in the transition. Obviously, it’ll help but there’s nothing quite like playing in the spot every single day for 162 games, but I have zero doubts we’ll see any sputters from him.

He’s a guy like that will work tirelessly to make sure he holds up his end of the bargain and I wouldn’t be surprised if he started working on things well before he signed.

"“I think playing second is something that I’m comfortable with,” he said. “It’s something I did a lot in the minor leagues. Playing on that side of second, I feel like I’ve done that a lot in the shift over the past few years. I know there’s little intricate details of it that I’m looking forward to getting comfortable with.”"

I love the addition of Trevor Story to this Red Sox lineup. He offers an All-Star caliber bat alongside All-Star caliber defense, which this squad could always use more of. He can always shift over to shortstop to cover any injury time or days off while not missing a beat. Adding in the fact he may get some extra mentoring from Boston’s best at second, and I think we have ourselves one hell of a signing.

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