Red Sox Bold Prediction: Triston Casas will be promoted before September

WORCESTER - Triston Casas watches the ball fly before being tagged out running to second during the final home game of the inaugural season at Polar Park on Sunday, September 26, 2021.Spt Woosoxgame 59
WORCESTER - Triston Casas watches the ball fly before being tagged out running to second during the final home game of the inaugural season at Polar Park on Sunday, September 26, 2021.Spt Woosoxgame 59 /

Triston Casas is the future of the Red Sox

The Red Sox are riding a wave of momentum that I think we all hope carries them through the 2022 season and back into the Postseason. Not only is the big club winning and proving to be more of a contender than most originally thought, but the farm system is thriving as well. While we enjoy our players of today the stars of the future aren’t very far off and one of the biggest could make his debut this season.

Last week it was announced that the Red Sox had the most improved farm system over the last season and that’s all thanks to the work of Chaim Bloom and his team. The CBO has a brain for the developmental system and always tries to maximize his deals to fuel that pipeline. One of the shiniest toys he has down in the Minors is Triston Casas, and while Bloom didn’t draft him, he’ll surely be the one to promote him to Boston.

SoxProspects currently ranks Casas as Boston’s top-ranked prospect and rightfully so. The slugger has not disappointed at any level and is continuing to thrive in the Arizona Fall League. When it comes to prospects, we tend to see them get the call to join the big leagues in the final month of the season to see what they have in the Majors. For Casas, I think his phone will be ringing much earlier than the fall and he’ll be wrecking Fenway Park in no time.

I try to contain my excitement over what Casas could do with the Red Sox thanks to our current string of top prospects struggling in The Show. Michael Chavis, Bobby Dalbec, and more recently Jarren Duran were all forces in the Minors but struggled with the big club. Chavis was never able to put it all together in Boston, Dalbec seemingly has things figured out but still has his issues, and Duran will be searching for redemption in 2022.

I don’t expect Casas to fall into the same trap as the others as he’s already showing on a nightly basis that he doesn’t have the same deficiencies. All four share the trait of being moon blast level sluggers but it’s Casas that seems to have the most control and restraint of the group. Considering the current situation over at first base, the door is more than wide open for Triston to make his debut this season.

Bobby has the job as of now with the specter of a Kyle Schwarber return looming over his head. If the Red Sox does bring Schwarber back I expect we’ll see a platoon much as we did in the second half of this season. If they aren’t able to sign the adopted son of Waltham then Dalbec will have to compete with Casas as the prospect won’t be in Triple-A for long if he’s performing well.

Even if Schwarbs is back in town Chaim may still bring up the slugging infielder as his upside is the highest of the three currently linked at the position. I recently wrote about the players most likely to be moved by the Trade Deadline in 2022 and Bobby was on my list. As much as I like him as a player and he more than salvaged his year in the second half, he’s the odd man out.

Chaim could fetch the most for Dalbec in a trade which could leave Schwarber and Casas to manage first base. Again, this house of cards all balances on the foundation that Kyle returns and Triston continues to rake in the AFL and Worcester. At the end of the day, I fully believe that Casas will be lacing them up for Alex Cora at Fenway Park this season.

The Red Sox are positioned to contend once again in 2022 and once the lockout ends I fully believe Chaim is going to go into full gear with shaping his lineup. I also have a solid feeling that Casas will be invited to spring training and if he doesn’t make the roster when camp breaks, he’ll surely be there before the leaves change. Triston Casas is on his way and that train isn’t stopping for anyone.

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