Boston Red Sox: Predicting the 2030 Opening Day Roster

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Red Sox prospect Blaze Jordan

CLEVELAND, OHIO – JULY 08: Blaze Jordan is seen during the T-Mobile Home Run Derby at Progressive Field on July 08, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

What will the Boston Red Sox Opening Day roster look like in 2030?

The Boston Red Sox have the tools to win right now. They also have the tools to win in a few years. So it seemed like a fun idea to try and figure out what the Opening Day roster could look like for the 2030 season.

There is a lot to love about the Red Sox roster right now. In fact, there’s a lot to hate about the roster too if you’re being honest. At the moment, they have a good mix of young talent and valuable veterans. However, there are some obvious glaring issues.

What about the future of the team though? Does Boston having staying power? That’s what we’re going to decide.

There is only one rule when it comes to this experiment – the players have to already be in the Red Sox organization. That means we aren’t going to be adding any potential free agents, trades, or future draft picks. Obviously, this will change things in real life. Boston is always a hot spot for trades and big signings. So that will inevitably happen. 2030 is also pretty far down the road, so there will likely be some future draft picks that could be on the roster at that point too.

All of that is too impossible to predict though. So to keep it as simple as possible, only people in the organization now are eligible. That still leaves us with a lot of options. There will be a mix of players already in the Majors, top prospects, and some surprises.

Also keep in mind that we will be looking at them based on their potential. So basically, I’ll be treating everyone as if they’ve reached it to the fullest extent. That means these are on the positive side. Obviously it’s unlikely the Red Sox have five aces for example, but the five starters all have ace-like potential. So these projections will make it seem like this is the best team ever – that’s just thanks to using the highest points of their potential.

We’ll break them down into a few categories. Starting pitchers, relief pitchers, infield, and outfield. Then finish it off with how the Opening Day lineup will look. This way you get a taste of the 26-man roster, what positions and roles they will play, who will be starting, and what the batting order will be.

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