Red Sox News: Dustin Pedroia on retirement, “I don’t have any regrets”

Feb 18, 2019; Lee County, FL, USA; Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia (15) during a spring training workout at Jet Blue Park at Fenway South. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 18, 2019; Lee County, FL, USA; Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia (15) during a spring training workout at Jet Blue Park at Fenway South. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

Retiring Red Sox legend has no regrets about his career

Today has been a massive day of reflection not just for Red Sox Nation but for longtime second baseman Dustin Pedroia as well. After years of setbacks and failed returns to the lineup, the Lasershow finally decided it was time to call it a career. It was a moment I think many of us, Pedroia included, knew was coming it was just a matter of when.

As the news broke earlier today, it was announced that Pedey would be talking to the media and making a formal announcement at 1:30 today. During that chat with the media, Boston’s superstar infielder would cover a myriad of topics ranging from his career to what he plans to do with his newly announced retirement.

It was nice to hear from Pedroia in a manner that wasn’t related to his next attempted comeback or his current setback. I felt a sense of relief not just for Dustin but for those in Red Sox Nation that have grown with him in his career and have watched him in such pain the last three years. It’s almost as if we got to see a family member finally retire after a long career and now they can enjoy the finer things in life.

"“I was having a tough time up until my middle son, Cole, they wanted me to coach his baseball team,” Pedroia said, getting emotional during a Zoom call Monday. “Sorry for getting a little choked up. But that got me through the next step of understanding, ‘Hey, there’s something else I’m going to be able to do, and I’m good at it.’”"

It should come as no surprise that a guy who played the game the way he did throughout his entire life would thrive coaching in the next chapter of his life. I won’t speak for the rest of the fanbase but for me personally, I’m glad to see Dustin finally deciding to turn the page on his playing career. You can only beat your body down so much in order to try and achieve something that very well may not come true. After having his fourth knee surgery this past winter, the writing on the wall became clear.

Not only did that final knee surgery put the finality to any possible return to the Red Sox, but it allowed Pedroia a chance to live his life close to how he had before. He’s been pretty honest that with each procedure and rehab process that he’s lost some mobility and functionality, and now he has at least some of that back in his life. With three kids and plenty of life left, that’s some great news and in the grand scheme of things, there’s nothing left to leave on the field, he’s already done that.

"“It hit me that I’m gonna be OK,” Pedroia said. “I don’t have any regrets. And that’s what I’m proud of. Could it have ended better and I finished my career the right way? Yeah, of course. But there was a reason why I was the first one dressed at 5:30 for a 7 o’clock game. … The biggest thing in my mind was, ‘This could be my last game. You don’t know.’ And that’s the way I approached it from Little League on. I played every game like it was my last one. I had the best time playing.”"

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Three World Championships, an AL MVP, a ROTY, 4x Gold Glove, 4x All-Star, and a Silver Slugger, that’s one hell of a career for a guy that nobody thought could make it in the big leagues. Pedroia achieved things that a guy his size in this league should’ve never been able to do. Not to mention he’s the first guy I can remember seeing do the swim move while sliding into second base, something that’s now so commonplace it’s forgettable.

When all is said and done we all wish that Pedey could’ve finished his career in the same way that he started it. Winning the Rookie of the Year, AL MVP, and a World Series in your first two seasons is one hell of a launching pad. Unfortunately, we all know how that slide from Manny Machado derailed what started as a Hall of Fame career. I’m not sure if Dustin gets into Cooperstown with how things ended but you never know.

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Dustin Pedroia is one of the most beloved members of the Red Sox there has ever been. For the current generation that didn’t get to see the primes of Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, or Nomar Garciaparra, Pedey was their guy. One of the few who fully defines what it is to be a member of this team and to bleed for the Fenway Faithful. It was the way that he attacked the game that got him into our hearts, and it’s how he’s handled everything, the good and the bad, that will keep him there.