Red Sox News: Alex Cora’s deal could keep him in Boston through 2024

Jul 28, 2019; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora (20) signs an autograph prior to a game against the New York Yankees at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 28, 2019; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora (20) signs an autograph prior to a game against the New York Yankees at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports /

Red Sox and Alex Cora reunite for the foreseeable future

It’s happening, Red Sox Nation! The first bit of positive news for the team came earlier today when Boston announced that Alex Cora would be returning as the manager. We’re now two years removed from AC helping bring another Commissioner’s Trophy to Fenway Park and he’s got his hands full. He’ll be taking over a team that finished dead last in the American League and in the bottom four of the entire MLB.

Now, I know some of you out there hate the idea of him coming back as you feel he’s a cheater. Granted, he was given that title by a group of rats that threw him under the bus after he was gone and received immunity for it. And there’s the fact that Houston had already been implementing their sign-stealing plan before AC was even there. Oh, and he and the team were exonerated for that BS in 2018 and they had to punish a replay room operator to appease Rob Manfred. But that’s all in the past now and we need to look towards the future, and that means Cora Time at Fenway Park.

So what exactly are the terms of Cora’s new deal with the Red Sox, you may ask. Well, friends, I’ll tell ya! Per Ian Browne of, AC’s contract is for two-years, covering 2021 and 2022. He also has a pair of club options for 2023 and 2024. If the stars aligned just right and the team performs well under him once again, he could be captaining the ship for the foreseeable future.

Cora spoke on his signing with the Red Sox shortly after and didn’t hold back on his feelings during his suspension and his aspirations for the future.

"“I am grateful for the opportunity to manage once again and return to the game I have loved my entire life,” Cora said in a statement. ” … I am eager to get back to work with our front office, coaches, and especially our players. Boston is where I have always wanted to be and I could not be more excited to help the Red Sox achieve our ultimate goal of winning in October.”"

In my eyes bringing Cora back was a no-brainer and the search shouldn’t have lasted this long. It was nice to have other candidates and to put on the dog and pony show, but it always felt like the team was going to be making the offer to AC. Just to have his spark back in the clubhouse will feel like night and day from what we suffered through in 2020. I like Ron Roenicke, he seems incredibly nice, but he’s about as charismatic as a can of paint.

Bringing Cora back into the fold will no doubt light a fire under guys like Rafael Devers, Xander, Bogaerts, and Christian Vazquez, who were all considered “Cora Guys.” Hell, a week or so ago Vazqy came out and made it clear that he wanted Alex back in the Skipper’s office. We saw a bit of the fun that was there under Cora in previous years towards the end of 2020 but it was far too little too late.

I think we can all agree with the fact that he can connect with his players and not only has their trust but their faith as well. Even when he makes a decision that leaves us scratching our heads, they never once question him. His support can also be seen through tangible means as Raffy, Xander, and Vazqy all had career years in 2019 under Cora. Then add in the 2018 season that saw the team set a franchise record for wins as they steamrolled the opposition to the World Series.

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"“This past year, I have had time to reflect and evaluate many things, and I recognize how fortunate I am to lead this team once again,” Cora said. “Not being a part of the game of baseball, and the pain of bringing negative attention to my family and this organization was extremely difficult. I am sorry for the harm my past actions have caused and will work hard to make this organization and its fans proud.”"

I’ll admit it wasn’t all perfect during Cora’s first run as in 2019 the team was a massive disappointment despite having most of the roster returning from that World Series roster. I think I can speak for many when I thought we were just gonna run it back that year and it wound up being a miserable 162 game slog to the close of the season. How he rebounds from that as well as this suspension will be what defines his career as a manager. Not the championships, not the wins and losses, but his character in the face of adversity.

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Obviously, as we all know in the sports world these contracts carry as much weight as the paper they’re written on. If AC comes out of the gates ice cold and the team winds up back in the basement, he could be back in the unemployment line in a hurry. Nothing is out of the question with this franchise as we’ve all seen over the years. And just as quickly as he could be gone if things go poorly, those club options could become an afterthought and be more automatic than anything. One thing is for certain, it’s Cora Time in Boston once again!