Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke on Chaim Bloom’s no blame list

Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke. (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke. (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /

Red Sox CBO Chaim Bloom speaks about manager Ron Roenicke.

Boston Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke had what amounted to a vote of confidence from chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom.

Bloom spoke eloquently – at least in baseball terminology – regarding the status of the team and the manager. Historically, moments like this are usually a managerial death knell. But apparently Bloom recognizes what just about everyone with a pulse in Red Sox Nation knows – this team is a mess.

"“What really stands out is the consistency,” Bloom said. “I think that’s something that’s important to players. It’s not fun to come to work if you feel your boss will be a different person just because last night’s game or the last week of games didn’t go your way. He hasn’t shown that. He is authentic to who he is and he’s consistent and I think that sets a good tone.” Chaim Bloom via Boston Herald"

Roenicke has as part of his unofficial title “Baseball Man,” a euphemism for a baseball lifer. As a player with limited talent, Roenicke played for five organizations before drifting into coaching, minor league managing, and the plum that awaits all “lifers,” a shot at the managerial crown with a five-year tenure with the Milwaukee Brewers. Roenicke met the eventual fate of all managers and was fired.

Roenicke’s experience came in handy with the appointment of Alex Cora as Red Sox manager and Roenicke as bench coach which is usually a position for the manager’s most trusted baseball best friend or the manager in waiting. He didn’t have to wait long as the scandal-infected Cora resigned and Roenicke either becomes a placeholder or more than an interim.

"“We’re always, in our jobs and their jobs, everyone’s trying to get the most out of guys, but we recognize that sometimes circumstances are going to make that more difficult. That doesn’t mean you’re happy with that. That doesn’t mean you want to let things slide so to speak. But it’s something we all recognize. We’ve been doing our best, understanding we want to compete as hard as we can. Doing our best to make sure that everybody understands that this is something where we’re in this together and we’re going to work on it together and no one’s pointing any fingers,” said Bloom."

Is Roenicke faultless?

Managerial moves are great for those of us with hindsight, but Roenicke is a solid decision guy. Very few head-scratching moves with his decisions. The clubhouse also appears to be a non-issue, but this team does seem to need an infusion of spirited play. Maybe the loss of Mookie Betts, COVID-19, injuries to key players, and a roster that could do well in the International League have all conspired to make this a season for the ages – dark ages?

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Roenicke has been honest and open about his team is various interviews – a Terry Francona approach to me – and Roenicke knows after several decades in baseball that his team is a wee bit short on the most compelling aspect of what drives baseball success – pitching.

Bloom will make moves and already has – both large and small – as he attempts to find someone, anyone, who can minimize the damage on the mound. If Bloom is eventually successful the question is will Roenicke be part of it or enjoying a comfortable semi-retirement after being canned?

Firing a manager is generally counterproductive especially when one examines the roster. Roenicke has little as far as options are concerned regarding what he rolls out each game especially on the bump. He was in a sweet spot for grabbing the gig thanks to Cora’s demise, but that sweet spot is now a potential managerial hell hole for the likable Roenicke.

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As the Red Sox continue to wallow in the depths of despair the crescendo will increase for a managerial change. That is the nature of RSN including the ever voracious media. At this point, I am sure fans would love to see a Jason Varitek or even a David Ortiz riding to the rescue. The facts are neither would change the direction of this ship.