Three Red Sox success stories on patience and perseverance

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(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Boston Red Sox are not unusual as all teams scour the baseball landscape for talent and exhibit patience with rookies.   Here are three reasons why.

The Boston Red Sox have brought in a number of players that may or may not help stabilize a team that is in dire need of some positives. This is not unusual as teams routinely stockpile players on the cusp of MLB scrap heap. Last season, out of nowhere came Marcus Walden and the season before it was Ryan Brasier – players off the baseball graveyard.

The Red Sox also saw the flip side with MLB veterans Chris Owings and Jhoulys Chacin as neither did anything to give ballast for a sinking ship. The Red Sox also had two other reclamation projects in Gorkys Hernandez and Juan Centeno who did little to enhance the Red Sox brand. But that doesn’t stop Boston or any other team. Just a pursuing of the transaction list will show some of the names that may strike pay dirt. Jonathan Lucroy?

The great unknown is rookies and sometimes there is promise such as shown by Darwinzon Hernandez. This season they may get a bit of luck and a pitcher or two will surprise a team in desperate need of positive news. Most, however, get their cup of coffee and move on either back to the minors or sent elsewhere.

Now for a look at why there is always that glimmer of hope with three players that impacted the Red Sox. A veteran who was baseball toast, a rookie who was flaying away, and a player deep in the baseball bushes.

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